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Actual humanitarian situation and forecast

  • Over 3.1 million people are facing acute food security Crisis and Emergency (IPC Phases 3 & 4) and are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance
  • Livelihood protection and support is needed for over 3.3 million people in acute food security Stress (IPC Phase 2)
  • Based on 27 separate surveys conducted by FNAU and its partners, Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) rates are Serious (10-14.9%) to Critical (≥15% GAM) in most areas
  • Over 363, 000 acutely malnourished children need urgent treatment and nutrition support, including 71, 000 who are severely malnourished
  • Severe drought conditions, rising food prices, access limitations, and a lack of humanitarian assistance are taking a toll on lives and livelihoods

CARE’s Response

Under CARE’s drought response, a total of 302,075 men and women have received support under Emergency FSL Program.

Beneficiaries reached through Livelihoods support
Key Indicators Total to date
Number of beneficiaries reached through cash program 276,374
Number of beneficiaries of food vouchers 11,217
Number of beneficiaries reached through cash for work 7161
Number reached through re-stocking vouchers 7,323
Total beneficiaries(after eliminating double counting) 302,075
Livelihoods activities are being conducted in Awdal, Lower Juba, Sanaag, Bari and Sool regions.

Livelihoods Sector analysis for year 2017

  • Amount of people reached