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Actual humanitarian situation and forecast

Women and children, as always, have been hardest hit. School children are dropping out due to the drought while women and girls who bear the responsibility to fetch water for their families have to travel further to access this precious commodity. The drought has also caused separation in pastoralist households whose male members have migrated further and further away in search of pasture and water for their livestock. All of these factors continue to put women and children at more risk of violence and abuse

CARE’s Response

Under CARE’s drought response, a total of 43,505 men, women and children have received support under Emergency Protection Program.

Beneficiaries reached through Protection support
Key Indicators Total to date
Number of beneficiaries reached by GBV messages on response and prevention 43,505
Total beneficiaries(after eliminating double counting) 43,505
The protection activities are being conducted in Garowe and Bossaso districts of Bari region.

Protection sector analysis for year 2017

  • Amount of people raeched