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Actual humanitarian situation and forecast

Due to the severity of the ongoing drought, access to safe drinking water has significantly deteriorated across Somalia. The drought has aggravated the water situation in areas where water sources had already suffered years of neglect and poor maintenance.

CARE’s Response

Under CARE’s drought response, a total of 404,001 men, women and children have received support under Emergency WASH Program. CARE is providing support under WASH by construction of water tanks, rehabilitation of shallow wells, awareness and promotion of health and hygiene campaigns and through distribution of hygiene kits.

Beneficiaries reached through WASH support
Key Indicators Total to date
Number of beneficiaries reached through hygiene promotion campaigns 404,001
Number of beneficiaries of rehabilitated water points 210,131
Number of beneficiaries of water subsidy 69,973
Number of beneficiaries of Hygiene kits 5,761
Number of beneficiaries of NFI kits 5,901
Total beneficiaries(after eliminating double counting) 404,001
WASH activities are being conducted in Awdal and Sanaag regions of Somaliland, Banadir and Lower Juba in South central and Bari & Nugaal regions of Puntland

WASH sector analysis for year 2017

  • Amount of people reached